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Tina Tsiakalis, CPM, LM

Birth Center Founder
Midwife, Center for Birth Midwives

Tina established Center for Birth in 2011, bringing a multi-suite birth center back to metropolitan Seattle following the closure of the Community Birth and Family Center in 2007. Tina has a deep respect for the physiology of birth and the ability of all people to make their own informed healthcare choices, including where and how they give birth. She has had a lifelong fascination with biology, physiology, and the magic that is the human body. She believes pregnancy and childbirth can be a transformative experience for those who go through it, and for their families.  

Tina brings her years of varied life experience to her midwifery practice. As a college student she traveled through rural Greece and some of the Greek islands, working for the travel guides Let’s Go Greece and Let’s Go Europe. After moving to the Pacific Northwest, she worked in a couple of different capacities at Microsoft, and had the quintessential Seattle late- 1990’s experience of joining a "dot-com" start-up.

Tina credits Penny Simkin with reminding her of the existence of midwives, when she took Penny’s childbirth preparation class when she was pregnant with her first child in 1999. She also learned about doulas and was drawn to the opportunity to train for doula work at the Seattle Midwifery School soon after the birth of her child. Once she walked through those doors, that was it. Supporting individuals and their families through birth as a doula was immensely satisfying work, but Tina realized that pursuing a direct path to midwifery practice would give her the opportunity to delve into the workings of the human body, guiding people throughout pregnancy and birth, while also helping to hold space for this transition in people’s’ lives. Tina is a graduate of the Seattle Midwifery School and has been a licensed and Certified Professional Midwife since 2009.

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In 2011, Center for Birth, the birth center Tina founded, opened, bringing a true community birth center back to metro-Seattle. Tina established her own midwifery group practice in 2013, Center for Birth Midwives, CFB’s “resident” midwifery practice, with her colleague Wendy Gordon. In 2018, as CFB Midwives continued to grow and Tina and Wendy both went back for more graduate school, they were thrilled to welcome Brooks Siegal to their team.

Tina also has an undergraduate degree in History from Harvard University, with a focus on modern Europe and a minor in Middle East history.

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Wendy Gordon, CPM, LM, MPH

Midwife, Center for Birth Midwives

Wendy grew up in northern Minnesota and received her degree in chemical engineering from the University of North Dakota. She embarked on a twisty career path that included refinery engineering in Minneapolis, corporate recruiting in Kansas, and human resources in Portland.

Wendy finally discovered her calling to midwifery in 2001. She trained and worked as a doula, then entered Seattle Midwifery School's three-year program and graduated in Fall 2005 with the Jo Anne Myers-Ciecko Award for Outstanding Scholarship and Leadership.

Wendy helped to grow a busy practice in Portland, OR for 7+ years before moving to Seattle in the summer of 2012. Wendy is a Certified Professional Midwife and is licensed in Washington. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Midwifery at Bastyr University (formerly Seattle Midwifery School) and teaches upcoming midwifery students. Wendy is an active member of the Midwives Alliance Division of Research and the Midwives Association of Washington State, as well as a board member of the Association of Midwifery Educators.

Wendy is happily married and has a beautiful daughter who was born at home.

I can’t imagine any other team of women helping me through the most amazing journey of my life. I felt supported holistically at Center for Birth. The network of professionals available through the birth center was essential to my well-being. Excited to see everyone again in a couple of years!
— Tricia Davis

Brooks Siegal, CPM, MSM, PhD

Midwife, Center for Birth Midwives

Brooks was born and raised in the Seattle area, where she has lived excepting brief stints in the northeast and midwest.  

Brooks holds an undergraduate degree from Trinity College in Hartford CT, a PhD in philosophy from Washington University in St. Louis, and a Masters of Science in Midwifery from Bastyr University.  She also holds a certificate in Botanical Medicine for Midwifery Care from Bastyr University, having studied herbalism in the childbearing year through a specialized track through the Department of Midwifery.  Prior to midwifery school, Brooks trained and worked as a doula.

In her philosophical work, Brooks was interested in the concept of autonomy and choice-making with a focus on tensions with autonomy that can arise within the context of feminine socialization.  She was called to midwifery to understand and honor body-based sources of knowledge and intuition that she came to recognize through giving birth to and mothering her four children.  Brooks views embodiment as a means to empowerment and deep autonomy, and she holds this grounding perspective for those she serves throughout their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journeys.  She finds joy in helping individuals and families grow through their childbearing years by practicing holistic, evidence-based, and heart-centered midwifery.  

Outside of midwifery, Brooks enjoys running, gardening, time in the woods, and adventures with her husband of 20 years and much loved 4 children. 

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Just rest...

"Larry, please don't worry. I'm a midwife, you're having a gigantic baby. You'll be fine in a few minutes. Just rest. Just rest, Larry. Things will be just fine in 5 years." This midwife-in-the-making is one of Center for Birth Midwives' "babies" in 2014!