Midwifery Practices with "Admitting Privileges" at Center for Birth

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Center for Birth is a Birth Center for the Community

CFB Midwives is the "resident" midwifery practice, consisting of birth center owner/director Tina Tsiakalis and Wendy Gordon. The birth center is also open to several area midwives, giving Seattle-area families the ability to choose the midwife team that is best for them. You would see the midwives of your choice for your prenatal care, and they would attend you in labor at Center for Birth.  

The following midwifery practices have privileges at CFB:

All midwives with privileges at CFB follow our safety protocols, participate in regular emergency skills drills, and have at least one additional attendant/birth assistant at all births.

You can find more information about midwives and midwifery on the Midwives of Washington State (MAWS) "for families" website page.